5 European Journals give consent to publish conference papers, more in process

International Conference on Professional Development of Instructors in Higher Education and Training Institutions, organized by CABCIN consortium has received consent from another 5 Journals for publishing the selected papers by the scientific review committee. All these 5 journals are European. List of the same is as under:
- The Transactions of Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia), ISSN- 1335-2334
- Scientific Journal of Polonia University (Poland), ISSN - (Online) 2543-8204, (Print) 1895-9911
- Journal of Women´s Entrepreneurship and Education (Serbia), ISSN - (Online) 2406-0674, (Print) 1821-1283
- ERENET Profile  (Hungary), ISSN -  1789-624X
- Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Resiliance (Serbia), ISSN - 2620-0414

The organizing committee is working on getting consent from more Journals for publishing the selected papers.